Are you interested in sharing your experience as someone with a disability with the world at large? Is there something the general public do that annoy you? Like using certain negative words to describe disability, such as "crippled," or the way people treat you? How about some of your triumphs, that you are just an ordinary person with extraordinary abilities? This is your chance to share! Your ability to write blog posts do not matter, I can help you with that. So, come talk with me.

I welcome all submissions on all topics related in some way to disabilities, from those with mobility challenges to Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) sufferers. Here are the guidelines for submissions:
  1. Before writing your article, pitchme your article idea to see if it will be accepted. Pitch your ideas to:
  2. If you get the go-ahead, write that article! If you need help writing it, I'd be more than happy to help you ghostwrite it.
  3. If you're writing, keep your articles between 400-1000 words. If it's substantially longer than that, then it's an opportunity for you to make a serial out of it!
  4. If you have images to go with the article (highly recommended), please attach them together with the article to the email. Be sure to let me know who took or made the picture so proper credit can be given. Make sure the images are free to use unless you give me the license to use them.
After I receive your article(s), I will edit it for grammar, clarity, and conciseness. Your content will remain left alone. Once the article is polished, it will be set in the queue to be published on Differently Fabled site. If you did not send me an image, I will also put together a photo to go with the article.

ToS & Policy

Any blog posts (articles) published on Differently Fabled, Differently Fabled will retain rights to it for 90 days after its first day of publication. After 90 days, you will have the freedom to republish the blog post to other websites or for print. However, Differently Fabled will continue to use your articles at its discretion.

Any articles published may be used as a part of the books I am writing as a part of the Interacting with People with Disabilities Book Series. All book credit and/or commission will be given to its writers. The commission rate is non-negotiable.